Christina Ricci (Speed Racer) stars as Penelope, a lonely heiress who has spent her entire life trying to break a strange family curse that left her with the nose of a pig. When she meets a charming aristocrat (James McAvoy, Atonement) who seems to see beyond her physical appearance, Penelope begins to learn that loving herself is more important than breaking the curse. Also starring Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) and Catherine O’Hara (Best In Show), Penelope is a delightful modern-day fairy tale for the entire family.


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  1. Gobsmacked

    Penelope would have done great during the mask nonsense during 2020. Nice movie; thanks for uploading! Let's all embrace our personal appearances. You're perfect the way you are 💕💕 Honestly, I stopped noticing the 'nose' and only saw the soulful, deepness of her eyes.

  2. Morgan Marie

    I loved & still will always love this movie!!!!!
    It's just so unique. 🥰

  3. Ellis Jane

    If you watch with the sound off, Catherine O’Haras face will tell you all about it. 👍

  4. waldorfsvibes

    Her mom is a stupid selfish brat. She shouldn’t have any kids if she can’t accept them for who they are.

  5. Emma Steiger

    Great movie but is it weird that I thought her pig nose was kinda cute on her

  6. my favorite thing abt this movie is the fact that although Johnny and Pen have beautiful chemistry, this is not a love story between them. The moment he says he didn’t wanna marry her, she took off and learned to lover herself and live her life. He still loved her even with the nose but it wasn’t so much abt what he thought. They didn’t even have that much screen time together, is what’s even crazier! And yet, somehow this is one of the most romantic movies I’ve ever seen.

  7. SoLyrics

    As a little girl I watched this movie countless of times, but even then I just could never understand what was so ugly about her, and why her mother couldn’t love her daughter and focus on loving her rather then breaking a curse? Penelope was always beautiful to me even with a “pig nose” and now I get the full meaning of the movie, such a treasure this movie!

  8. A lot of people here saying ’she doesn’t look that bad actually’ but I think that’s the point. It’s mostly the rich people who freak out about her and think she’s ugly. Everyone else is shocked but not disgusted, she’s more like a curiosity (save for the reporter who wants a story And to prove he was right as well as the love interest who realizes she really is cured and because he’s a lie he can’t truly fix it).
    I think the movie is really trying to suggest that the vanity is a something built into those who are very rich and paints them to be vapid. The more campy scenes kinda line up with this, like how several people go through windows over something stupid or when the mom is looking for Penelope and she bursts open the door and a ton of doves burst outside with her. (Note: that last one isn’t in this version apparently but is in others. In this version you can still see the doves in the footage of her from the journalist’s van though) the rich boy imagining and remembering Penelope as a werepig. They’re too silly to take seriously but they think it’s The Biggest Thing Ever.

  9. Ella Monroe

    I love it! The whole style of the whole thing is awesome! She also really doesn't look that bad.

  10. araa

    “i like myself the way i am” 💨💨💨😱

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