✅ Best FREE VPNs 2023

👇 The Best Free VPN? Here are the Best Free VPNs that Work 👇
1️⃣ ProtonVPN: https://vpngratis.org/ProtonVPN
2️⃣ TuxlerVPN: https://vpngratis.org/TuxlerVPN
► Complete and updated list: https://vpngratis.org/en/

Do you prefer a top-notch, secure VPN with a trusted history and a discount? 🎁👇
🥇 NordVPN https://vpngratis.org/NordVPN 68% discount
🥈 Surfshark https://vpngratis.org/Surfshark 82% discount +2 months free
🥉 ExpressVPN https://vpngratis.org/Express-VPN 49% discount

◼ The best Free and unlimited VPN that you can use and that will help you bypass blocks and geographical restrictions is ProtonVPN, because it is the most secure Free VPN.

It is a Premium VPN with a fairly generous free version that has 192 locations, to change and hide your real IP address for one of three countries: the United States, Japan and the Netherlands.

◼ TuxlerVPN is another alternative, because it is a free and unlimited Residential VPN that has 300,000 IP addresses in 116 countries to choose from.

With the free version of TuxlerVPN you can bypass any geo-restrictions, IP blocks and internet censorship. And it supports P2P, so it supports torrent downloads. But it does not have a solid privacy and security policy

Overall TuxlerVPN is a VPN that works, but: It’s painfully slow, and if you’re concerned about security and privacy it may not be the best option for you.

◼ Planet Free VPN is a free and unlimited VPN with basic Premium features, it is a VPN that offers very good speeds, it does not keep a log of your activity or your data, it has AES-256 military grade encryption, which is the standard in the industry in VPNs.

It offers free and unlimited connections to 5 countries: France, Germany, Holland, the United States and the United Kingdom. And it can help you hide your IP address, browsing history, and access websites that are blocked in your country, but nothing more.


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